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by Dr. R. L. Hymers, Jr.


I have been called a "racist" on the Internet by a man who read my September 24, 2000 sermon, "The Self-Extermination of the American People." I think this man may be in favor of abortion, perhaps secretly, and he can’t answer the arguments in my sermon. So, instead of debating me, he resorted to name-calling and mudslinging.
No pastor in America is less racist than I am. One of the deacons in our church is Chinese, another is Jewish. The woman who formats these sermons is Black, and the man who posts them is Korean – both members of our church. My wife is Hispanic. Our church is so thoroughly integrated in every possible way that I wouldn’t last ten days as the pastor if I were a "racist" as charged.
So, I say to my accuser: "Deal logically with the arguments in my sermon and don’t resort to mudslinging."