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by Dr. C. L. Cagan

A sermon preached at the Baptist Tabernacle of Los Angeles
Saturday Evening, October 13, 2018

“Go out quickly” (Luke 14:21).

We prayed for thirty visitors last Sunday. We had thirty four visitors. We had 165 people in church on Sunday! Thank God! Amen! Thank God!

You worked to get the people in. You went out on evangelism. You invited relatives, friends and neighbors. You went out on your own during the day to invite people. We phoned them. I clinched them – I confirmed that they were coming. And they came! The church was full of people!

But that was last week. Don’t stop now. This is not the time to stop. Don’t think, “That’s done. Now we’ll go back to the old way.” Don’t do that! We’re going to celebrate the Mid-Autumn festival one more time! We’ll have a banquet. Dr. Elmer Towns, the co-founder of Liberty University, will speak on what God is doing in China. What a time! What an opportunity to bring people! But we won’t have new people this Sunday if you don’t go after them. Go get them – and do it quickly!

Our text says, “Go out quickly.” That’s the right thing to do. That’s zeal in soulwinning! Go out quickly. Don’t stay home. Don’t wait in the foyer downstairs for 20 minutes before you go out to evangelism. If there are three of you that’s one whole hour wasted! Don’t wait for the car. Go to the car yourself! And when you get there, don’t wander here and there. Don’t waste time talking with the Christian you go out with. Go and talk to a lost person and get their name. And then go after another, and another, and another. Go out quickly! Don’t stop and rest after you get a name! Get another one!

The Bible says,

“He that goeth forth and weepeth, bearing precious seed, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him” (Psalm 126:6).

The “weeping” is the tears of prayer. The “sheaves” are the people you bring. But think of the beginning of the verse, “He that goeth forth.” You can’t bring anybody if you don’t go. Go forth! And do it quickly. Don’t go out slow and lazy. Go out quickly!

Where is the harvest? Where are the people? Right there in the schools and the malls! Christ said to His Disciples, “The harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few; Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth labourers into his harvest” (Matthew 9:37, 38). The harvest is souls. The labourers are the people who go out. Be a labourer in the harvest! God said, “Who will go for us?” Isaiah quickly said, “Here am I; send me” (Isaiah 6:8). Go and do evangelism – and go out quickly!

Don’t be satisfied because we fill this building. God didn’t put us here to pay for this building and then sit. God wants us to have a great church that will show people how to build churches in cities all over the world. And we can do it. But you have to bring the people in. The Bible says, “Why sit we here until we die?” (II Kings 7:3). Don’t sit here until you die. Get up and go! Go after the lost. Go out after them! And go out quickly! Don’t be a lazy inner city slob! Go out quickly!

Don’t be satisfied because we have a higher standard than most churches in Los Angeles. Most of them have given up the Sunday evening service. They’ve given up the prayer meeting. Pastors pray a sinner’s prayer with people and let them go. Yes, we’re doing better. But what kind of praise is that? That doesn’t mean we’re strong. It means they’re weak. That’s nothing to be proud of. Don’t think about the weak churches. Think about the good ones – and be like the good ones in China!

In the last two weeks we have heard from people who have been in the house churches in China. We heard from a woman who had been in prison for trusting Christ and preaching the Gospel. We heard what the house churches do. Their standard is higher than ours. That was an incredible blessing. We heard about people whose zeal and service for Christ is far higher than what we have. They meet every night of the week. They pray for hours. They witness for hours. Their meetings last hour after hour, and no one complains. They suffer for Christ. They do so much evangelism the Communists put them in prison and torture them. They go right back and do it again!

When they get out of prison, they go right back to get more names! Right back to prayer. Right back to preaching. Right back to evangelism. Right back to winning souls.

Brothers and sisters, don’t look at the dead churches in Los Angeles. Don’t even look at what we do now. Look at the house churches in China – where they have revival – and weep that we fall so far short of their standard. Be like them. Be zealous in winning souls! They go and go and go! So you should go and go and go! Go out like you mean it. Go out with zeal and fire! And go out quickly!

What does it mean to be zealous in winning souls? On Tuesday I read an article which shows what that means. Listen as I read it.

      A well was being dug. When the work was nearly finished, while one man was still at the bottom, the earth caved in and buried him. Instantly the alarm went out, and mechanics, farmers, merchants, lawyers, hurried to the rescue. Ropes, ladders, and shovels were quickly brought to the site. “Save him, O save him!”' was the cry. Men worked with desperate energy, till the sweat stood in beads upon their brows and their arms trembled with the exertion. [Finally] a pipe was thrust down, through which they shouted to the man to answer if he was still alive. The man yelled back, “I’m alive! But hurry up!” They dug even faster – and at last he was saved. “He is saved!”' echoed through every street in the town.
      Was this too great a zeal, too great enthusiasm, to save one man? It surely was not; but what is the loss of [earthly] life in comparison with the loss of a soul? If the threatened loss of a life will arouse in men’s hearts a feeling so intense, should not the loss of a soul arouse even deeper [feeling] in men who claim to realize the danger of those who are lost? Shouldn’t you show as great zeal for the salvation of souls as was shown for the life of that one man buried in a well?

Amen! That’s what it takes to win souls!

What are you to do? If you brought someone, bring them back! Bring them back! And bring your friends and relatives on Sunday. They won’t come if you don’t go after them. Go after them. Go and go, and go quickly!

Bring new people. Don’t stop. Don’t say, “I did that last week.” Think of the house churches in China. Would they stop? You know what they do! Go and do likewise! Be grown up enough to keep on. Don’t do evangelism for one week and then drop out. Go out and get names every time the church does evangelism. Do personal evangelism on your own.

Go with seriousness and zeal. “Go out quickly.” Don’t waste time downstairs in the foyer waiting for the car to come back for you. You go to the car yourself! When you get to the place, don’t waste time talking with the person you’re going out with. Don’t waste time. Make every minute count. Speak to the lost! Go for them one after the other! Don’t be satisfied with one name. “Go out quickly.” Keep going. Go after the lost people. They won’t come to you, will they? So you go after them. Walk up to them and get their name and phone number. Then go after another lost person and another, and then another. Last week it took three of you to get only one name! It shouldn’t take three or four people to get one name. No, each one of you should get three or four names. But you have to go out quickly! Go get a name, and then another, and then more! That’s what the Christians in China do. Would they stop? Would they waste time fooling around? No. So why do you? Go out and bring the people in. Go out and get names. Go with zeal. Make every minute count. Go, and go, and go. Go out quickly! Go out quickly! Amen.

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