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by Dr. R. L. Hymers, Jr.

A sermon preached at the Baptist Tabernacle of Los Angeles
Saturday Evening, November 18, 2017

“Remember the day when thou camest forth out of the land of Egypt all the days of thy life” (Deuteronomy 16:3).

To this very day the Jewish people remember the Passover on about the second Friday in April each year. You will undoubtedly remember that our Lord Jesus Christ celebrated the Passover with His Disciples the night before He was crucified. The term “passover” refers to the judgment and wrath of God passing over the Jewish homes that had blood on the doorposts. After that night the Jews left Egypt and began their forty-year pilgrimage toward the Promised Land of Israel. The nation of Israel was born that night, when the Jews left Egypt on the first Passover.

“Ye shall keep it a feast by an ordinance for ever.” And then, as our text says, they were to do this to

“Remember the day when thou camest forth out of the land of Egypt all the days of thy life” (Deuteronomy 16:3).

Our church should do something similar each year, even long after I am dead. So on the Saturday night before Thanksgiving each year, we as a church set aside time to

“Remember the day when [we came] forth out of the land of Egypt all the days of [our lives]” (Deuteronomy 16:3).

And so I will repeat the events, as I have done every year, and remember the time when our church went through great upheaval and a lengthy church split, by which Satan meant to destroy our church forever – but which God overruled and used to bring us out of bondage to a better day, bringing us through the wilderness, toward the promise of a strong church, and a mighty witness to this sin-darkened city of Los Angeles, and to the entire world in word-for-word sermon manuscripts in 36 languages on our website, and preached in three languages by video on our website and on YouTube, read and watched by tens of thousands of people throughout the world.

Tonight we will once again rehearse the facts and

“Remember the day when thou camest forth out of the land of Egypt all the days of thy life” (Deuteronomy 16:3).

This is what happened.

In 1988 we dedicated this building as the new home of our congregation. It was a great day for us. We looked forward with anticipation, hoping and praying for the future of our church. There were four hundred members in our church on that bright day. Some of the greatest preachers in America were here with us as we dedicated the building. Among them were Dr. Lee Roberson, a Baptist patriarch; Dr. James O. Combs, editor of the Baptist Bible Tribune; local pastors Dr. Roland Rasmussen and Dr. H. Frank Collins, and Dr. Jimmy Tharpe, founder of Louisiana Baptist University, and other dignitaries. On that day, when this building was dedicated, Mr. J. Richard Olivas was ordained as well, as the associate pastor.

A year went by. From 1989 through half of 1990 there was peace within our church. In July of 1990 I planned to take an extended vacation. Using some of the money that my father had left me, I planned to take my wife and our boys to the land of my grandfather’s birth – to England, to Alston in Cumbria, to Lowgaligal farm where my grandfather was born, to see England’s fair and pleasant land for the first time in my life.

You must understand how much this meant to me. It was to be one of the high points of my life on earth. Our passports were ready. Our baggage was packed.

The night before we left for England, I came down to the church here, to do a few last minute errands and give some final instructions to our associate pastor, Mr. Olivas. It was then, late that evening, as I was about to go home, the night before we left for England, that Mr. Olivas came into my office. I am sure now that he had planned it all very carefully. He sat down on a chair across from my desk and said, “Dr. Hymers, there’s just one more thing I want to tell you before you go. I am leaving this church.”

Without going into detail, I can only say that this was the most cruel thing Mr. Olivas could have done to me. I felt as if he had stabbed me in the back. I could not sleep that night for fear of what this would do to our dear church – to have the associate pastor leave the church, while I was far away in England. I can only say that his announcement that night nearly ruined our trip. As long as I live I will never forget the sorrow and fear it brought to me, the excruciating pain it brought to my wife, and the confusion it brought to the hearts of our two young boys.

But when we came back from that first trip, we tried in every conceivable way to persuade Mr. Olivas to stay with us at our church. Even after he left in January 1991, we continued to pay his salary, phoning and writing to him, asking him to return. Mr. Olivas said that he had to leave the church to get more education on the East Coast, and that I would not let him do so. That is a bald-faced, outright lie! Many times, in the presence of Dr. Cagan and others, I told Mr. Olivas that we would pay his full salary and tuition at the school back East if he would start a small Bible study that would eventually grow into a church, which he had done before. Then suddenly, Mr. Olivas wrote to us saying, “The unexpected has happened and I have been accepted at UCLA,” here in the Los Angeles area. I immediately asked him to return to his job and salary in our church. He never replied to me, even though I wrote this to him several times. Dr. Cagan typed the letters that we sent to him.

But Mr. Olivas adamantly refused to return, even as he cashed over fifty thousand dollars worth of checks that we mailed to him. Then, to our surprise, he set up an alternate church in Los Angeles, and began to contact our people in one way or another, encouraging them to come with him and leave our church. This was done very subtly, and a great deal of it was done through the friends of Mr. Olivas.

In 1991 the church pianist and her husband left, along with seven other important church leaders. Between December 29, 1991 and February 21, 1993, 71 key members of our church followed the example of Mr. Olivas and left the church. Between February 21, 1993 and January 1, 1995, 62 more people followed their example and left our church. By January of 1999 over 300 people had left our church, in one way or another, as a direct or indirect result of this horrible church split, initiated and nurtured by Mr. Olivas, his cohorts, friends and followers – and others who were destabilized by so many people leaving. Mr. Olivas revealed his motive when he told Mrs. Roop, the church pianist, “It is questionable whether Dr. Hymers and this church will be able to survive.” It sounded like Mr. Olivas wanted to kill this church!

Before Mr. Olivas left we had 400 people in our church. By the time the split ended in January of 2000 we only had about 80 people left. Needless to say, the loss of 320 people took our church to the very edge of bankruptcy. We lost nearly ten thousand dollars each week in offerings. Yet, all the while, we had a debt of $4,500 per week that had to be paid on this building – or we would lose it forever! It seemed impossible that we could raise $18,000 every month to keep our building. Dr. Cagan said if we had lost four or five more people we would have lost this building.

But somehow we survived. I remember exactly when the church split stopped. It ended on the very day that Mr. Abel Prudhomme said, “I don’t care what anyone else says or does. I am not leaving this church!” It cost him a great deal to do that – a very great sacrifice! That’s when the split stopped. And I remember when our people, the ones that refused to leave, said in effect, “We will pay the bills. We will not leave. We will give sacrificially. We will give of our money to pay the bills on the church building that Mr. Olivas and his people voted to buy, and then walked away from. We won’t let them win! We will pay the bills! And not only that, we will work like no other church has ever worked – to bring in the lost, get them converted, and turn our church around! We will not let this church split destroy our witness here in the civic center of Los Angeles!”

Here are the names of the heroes of our church, the people that saved our church from financial ruin. Their names will forever be inscribed in God’s book as men and women who sacrificed beyond the call of duty to financially save this building, the sanctuary of our church. We call them the “Thirty-Nine,” although there are a few more than 39 of them. Here are their names.

Dr. and Mrs. Kreighton L. Chan.
Dr. and Mrs. Christopher L. Cagan.
Mr. Reynaldo Ceron.
Mrs. Rose Chenault-Quinn.
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Olivacce.
Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Sanders.
Mr. and Mrs. Winston Song.
Mr. and Mrs. James Roop.
Mr. and Mrs. Ponce Zabalaga.
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Kincaid Griffith.
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Kunz.
Mr. and Mrs. Norio Tsukamoto.
Mr. Paul Hoang.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lewis.
Mr. and Mrs. John Cook.
Mr. and Mrs. Jose Lino Hernandez.
Mr. and Mrs. Kyu Dong Lee.
Mr. Nelson Smith.
Mr. and Mrs. David Matsusaka.
Mr. and Mrs. Abel Prudhomme.
Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Mencia.
Mr. and Mrs. Nieves Salazar.

These, and others, were the people who paid the bills, and went over and above the call of duty to save our church from financial ruin.

I could go on and mention others who have helped us so much in this struggle for existence.

Mr. Rick Blandin.
Mr. Ron Blandin.
Mr. Willie Dixon.
Mrs. Juana Arteaga.
Miss Kelly Lui.
Mr. Sergio Melo.
Mrs. Jean Lyon.

And the list includes Mr. and Mrs. Virgel Nickell, who loaned us much of the money to purchase our church building, and never wavered in supporting us. We are proud that Mr. and Mrs. Nickell are now faithful members of our church.

However, the “Thirty-Nine” are growing older. Several of them are 50 years old or older now. Several others will soon be 60. I myself will be 77 next April. My father died at the age of 74. This shows that the “Thirty-Nine” are aging. We will not be here forever.

Now is the time for you young people to step forward and begin to take our place. I speak now to our children, who were born in this church. I speak also to every young person who has come into our church from the world. I speak now to those who will be baptized, and to every other young person who is here tonight. Now, not later but now, is the time for you to step up and begin to take the place of the “Thirty-Nine.” Now is the time for you to actually join the “Thirty-Nine.” Not later, but now!

Now is the time for you to pray like the older men in our church. Now is the time for you to tithe your income and give financially above the tithe, like the “Thirty-Nine.” Now is the time for you to put away worldliness and sin. Now is the time for you to strive for a real conversion if you are still lost. Now is the time for you to stop being satisfied by merely attending the church, without joining us as full members in good standing. Now is the time to throw yourself on Christ, become a full member of the church, and live a sacrificial life for God! Now is the time for you to be as dedicated as our married couples, even after you are married. Now is the time for you to say, “I don’t care what anyone else says or does. I am going to become like the ‘Thirty-Nine,’ even if I am the only one!” Time will tell whether you say beautiful words without zeal – or whether you really join the “Thirty-Nine.” If most of you become as lazy as Mr. Olivas, then there is no hope for our church – none! Mark what I say. I am speaking to you!

Who will leave the world’s side?
Who will face the foe?
Who is on the Lord’s side,
Who for Him will go?
   (“Who is on the Lord’s Side?”
      by Frances R. Havergal, 1836-1879).

I can say to all of the “Thirty-Nine” who have been faithful to our church in this conflict, what Winston Churchill said to that small remnant, that little band of men in the Royal Air Force, who stood against overwhelming odds to fight Hitler and his Nazi hordes in the Battle of Britain. When Nazi bombs fell on London night after night and month after month, Churchill said of those boys in the Royal Air Force,

Never in the field of human conflict has so much been owed by so many to so few.

To those of you who are among the “Thirty-Nine” – and to those of you who join them, I say, “Thank you and God bless you all!”

And as long as you live remember this conflict.

“Remember the day when thou camest forth out of the land of Egypt all the days of thy life” (Deuteronomy 16:3).

This is a long war. It is far from over. The tide began to turn in the year 2000. Ten new people came into our church and some of them stayed that year. And between 2001 and 2007 another 30 or so people came into our church and most of them stayed. We now have about 150 or so every weekend. That’s up 70 people from the 80 we had at the lowest point in the church split. Tomorrow night nearly 200 people will be here for the Thanksgiving banquet. Our sermon manuscripts now go out to all the world in 36 languages on our website, and videos of our sermons in three languages on our website and on YouTube. Our sermon manuscripts go out to 216 nations of the world. That is magnificent. We praise God for it!

Four years ago our building here on Hope Street was paid off. We burned the note on this building and mailed the ashes to Mr. Olivas. The building was paid in full by those valiant souls who make up “the 39.” But the battle is far from over. After the first months of the Battle of Britain, Churchill said, “This is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.” The building is paid for, but the church is not the building. The church is the people who meet in the building. “The 39” paid 2 1/2 million dollars including interest to save the building – but it is up to you young people to save the church. I am convinced that we need 200 solid members for the church to be saved. We have about 150 people attending the church now. But a number of those are not yet converted. We will baptize thirteen new members tonight. We no longer baptize people quickly. But you can see that we have a long battle ahead if we are going to save the church. We must add about 70 new members to save the church. We know by long experience and observation that a church with less than 200 members does not have much of a future. To add 70 people we can no longer depend on “the 39.” We are too old to be able to bring in 70 new young people. Yes, we can continue to pay the bills. Yes, we can continue to provide the leadership. But, as I near the age of 77, I know I will not be here forever. I will stay with this church as long as I live, but I do not know how long that will be, especially since I am now being treated for cancer. My father died at the age of 74. I have already outlived him by three years. We have ordained Dr. Chan and Dr. Cagan, so there will be a continuity of leadership in case I am no longer able to pastor the church. We have also ordained Mr. Song, Mr. Mencia, John Cagan, Aaron Yancy, Kyu Dong Lee, Jack Ngann and Noah Song as deacons. But we cannot save the church. Only you young people can do that. To add seventy more people to full membership in our church will require miracles from God. It will require the miracle of conversion in each person’s life. And it will also require at least one major revival – sent from God. What we had was only a “touch” of revival. We need a major revival. Our people were too carnal to experience anything more than a “touch.” Full scale, deep repentance is necessary for a major revival! As things are now, we only add about 4 or 5 people each year, over and above those who fall away. At this rate it will take another 15 years or more to add 70 new people. By that time I would be 92 years old if I live. That is why those of you who are saved must pray for a revival every day! We desperately need to experience a God-sent revival or we will not add 70 new people before I die. You unsaved young people here tonight must have a real conversion or this church has no future – no hope at all!

Without an outpouring of the Spirit of God, most of the unsaved young people will remain satisfied with mere church attendance, and will never be converted to Christ. There is no hope for this church unless you are converted – none! Dr. John Armstrong said, “What [they] want is happiness, fulfillment, and satisfaction” (True Revival, Harvest House, 2001, p. 231). I have seen many of you come to the inquiry room and say, “I want to be saved.” What you mean is that you want to feel happy and satisfied.

It will not do! It will never do! You must be convicted of your sin or you will never truly feel your need of the mercy of Christ!

Dr. John Armstrong said, “Brokenhearted, Christ-centered confession and repentance will characterize a true movement of the Spirit. People will...weep under the profound impressions of sin” (Armstrong, ibid., p. 63). It has been my observation that nearly everyone who experiences a real conversion weeps with tears of sorrow for their sins. That has always happened in the classical revivals of history. And that was true of many people in the three revivals I saw as an eye-witness. Iain H. Murray said, “As a general rule, conviction precedes conversion...The characteristic of a revival is that a profound consciousness of sin and need is produced in many persons at the same time...” (Iain H. Murray, Jonathan Edwards: A New Biography, The Banner of Truth Trust, 1992 edition, pp. 129, 130).

To add seventy more people to our church as converted Christians will require a miracle – a mighty outpouring of the Spirit of God upon those of you who are still “dead in trespasses and sins” (Ephesians 2:1).

So, I say, to those young people who are already converted – you must go to God. You must pray above and beyond the prayer meetings at church. You must get together, by twos and threes, and plead with God,

“Oh that thou wouldest rend the heavens, that thou wouldest come down...” (Isaiah 64:1).

The “Thirty-Nine” prayed for this church building. God sent a miracle and this building was saved! Now it is up to you young people to pray down a revival – by praying seriously until God comes down to convict the lost of sin, righteousness and judgment. Get down on your knees, young people, and pray for God to save our church! No one but you can do it! Those who are burdened for revival should get together by twos and threes once a week to pray for God to send revival power to our church. Don’t quit until God sends it.

Many years ago I told a very godly old preacher about my hopes and dreams for this church. When I was finished, he looked me in the eyes and said softly, “It will take the rest of your life, you know.” I was only about fifty years old then. Now I am in my 77th year, and I see that he was right. Soon our church will be 43 years old. When I die, this church will be the work of my lifetime. My whole life will have been spent for this church. I used to have big dreams of being a missionary and starting many churches. Now I am not even sure this church will survive – and it will not survive unless you young people give up some of your dreams and give your life-blood to make this a great church that will go on until Jesus comes back to set up His Kingdom! Do it! Do it! In the end you will never regret giving your life for this church, because this church is the only thing that counts in the end! The great missionary C. T. Studd was right,

Only one life,
   ‘Twill soon be past,
Only what’s done for Christ
   Will last.

Mr. Churchill was the hero I emulated in the battle to save our church. He led the British people to a marvelous victory against Hitler and the Nazis. But incredibly the British people voted him out of office as soon as the war was over. They booted him out of office as the Prime Minister. Many churches do that after the old pastor retires or dies. I pray that you will not bypass me now that I am old and stricken with the cancer that may well return.

I hope that you will remember that it was me, not you, who spent countless hours of prayer and counselling to persuade John Cagan to enter the ministry. I pray that you will remember that I spent hundreds of hours counselling him and training him to be the next pastor. In one of his sermons, Dr. Cagan said, “Although my son’s sermons are more energetic and make more use of strong rhetoric than Dr. Hymers’ later sermons (since he was stricken with cancer) we should remember that all of us, including John Cagan himself, were won to Christ by Dr. Hymers’ preaching, and nurtured by Dr. and Mrs. Hymers. They may not be as energetic now, but they made our church what it is today (a lighthouse for Christ throughout the world). Dr. Hymers may now be old, and weakened by cancer, but all of you are indebted to him for working on and on, when any other pastor would have retired long ago.”

Mr. Kyu Dong Lee said, “The casualties in this war (the great church split) are too many to count. But by God’s grace, Dr. Hymers, you survived all of the church splits, fights, and all of the pain and suffering. (The great church split went on for nearly twenty years). I don’t think any other pastor could have survived such a prolonged attack, and so much pain and suffering for many years. The afflictions of Satan came endlessly, and your family suffered much. But when the war was over your whole family is still here serving the Lord!”

I can say that the greatest suffering my family and I endured was loneliness. The church split made our people become introverted. It was “each man for himself.” But I myself, my wife and our two sons, were left alone – with no close friends. My sons were left out of most events. My wife worked on alone, without a truly close friend. And I myself was left out and isolated. I do not blame the deacons. They had to survive. But it is a fact that I have never had dinner in any of their homes. Only Dr. Cagan had me in his house for dinner, and only Dr. Cagan gave my boys a birthday party at his house. We were ostracized by all the leaders of our church. It amazes me that my wife and children are still here after many years of ostracism without friendship or support. After my mother died, the loneliness nearly killed me, and it went on year after year!

I finally couldn’t take it any more. I invited John Cagan, Aaron Yancy, Jack Ngann and Noah Song to bring their little prayer meeting to my home office. Strangely, I was criticized for doing that. Even though those guys were only with me one hour, it brightened up my life more than anything that has happened to me for years. We haven’t met for a few weeks because of the rush of things. But John comes to see me for a few hours every Thursday. We talk about the ministry. He may not know it, but those few hours bring real joy to this old preacher’s life! I would say that, besides Dr. Cagan, John, Noah, Aaron and Jack are really the only close friends I have had since the great church split started in 1990.

I think one of the greatest weaknesses in our church is the lack of love for the leaders. Dr. Cagan experiences that as well. No one thought to give him a private party on his 50th birthday. They forgot that again on his sixtieth birthday. You at least talk about taking care of the newer people. But who thinks about the needs of the leaders? I am afraid you have failed badly there!

I say this not only for Dr. Cagan and myself. I say it also for John Samuel and his fiancée Julie Sivilay. When a person moves toward a place of leadership you tend to stop being friendly to them. Remember that John was a lonely boy, because he was Dr. Cagan’s son. If Mr. Matsusaka and Mr. Sanders had not befriended him, I don’t think he would even be in our church, much less preparing to be the next pastor. You left John out of everything when he was fourteen. Only Matsusaka and Sanders befriended him. You were so busy with the “new people” that you had no time for a fourteen year old boy! You were so busy with evangelizing people in the world that you didn’t take one hour to help the future pastor of our church! Not one hour! And you are doing the same thing with Julie. When she became John’s girlfriend you started to criticize her and let her know you didn’t want to be close to her. I don’t care what you say about me bringing that up!!! Don’t do to John and Julie what you did to my wife and me! Neglect of the leaders of the church is one of our greatest weaknesses. Stamp it out! Stamp it out! Don’t let the world spirit of the last days break the hearts of the leadership of our church!

“Because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold” (Matthew 24:12).

Stamp it out! Stamp it out! The Apostle Paul said,

“We beseech you, brethren, to know [‘intimately,’ MacArthur] them which labour among you, and are over you in the Lord, and admonish you; And to esteem them very highly in love for their work's sake” (I Thessalonians 5:12, 13).

You should remember that I picked John Cagan, not you! I picked the best man, not some jerk off the street! I picked the man my wife home schooled. I picked the man who is a natural leader. I picked the man who is a straight “A” student. I picked the man who is the best prayer leader in the church. I picked the man whose very first sermon was a masterpiece. I picked the man who is a superb preacher. I picked him. And I gave him to you. Now I am telling you to know him intimately, to esteem him highly, to treat both him and his fiancée with respect and dignity – and don’t stop doing it after I’m dead!

Remember also that I, not you, saw the need for revival. I came every night to preach. I stayed awake all night, every night, praying and preparing a new sermon every night on revival. And I preached almost every night for over three months. I preached my heart out night after night until, one by one, some of you confessed your sins and were revived. Any other pastor, with cancer at 76 years old, would have protected himself and preached on Sunday only. Dr. Cagan said, “Dr. Hymers was used by God to bring us revival!” I know of no other pastor in America that has the spirituality and knowledge to be used to bring the “touch of revival” we had in the last several months! Every one of the people that will be baptized tonight was saved while hearing my sermons – every one of them! Don’t forget that. And don’t forget that the touch of revival we have had has not happened in any other church in the entire United States. Don’t forget that. I did not bring the revival. But it would not have come unless I was the preacher! Don’t forget that!

And one more thing. Do not forget Mrs. Hymers. She works night and day to bring young women into the church and into conversion. Others wait for the machinery of the church to bring in converts. They don’t seem to notice that it never works! While they depend on the machinery, Mrs. Hymers is doing the work! And she is almost the only person who is able to actually bring a soul in and win them to Jesus and to our church. Almost the only person! Why? Because she thinks about them every day. Because she prays for them every day. Because she texts them over and over, and gets to know them. One guy said, “Boys don’t like to be texted that way.” He did not say that because he had tested his theory. He said that because he is lazy. L A Z Y! It doesn’t take intuition. It takes perspiration! It doesn’t take a special talent. It takes love. Not intuition, but perspiration! Not talent, but love!

And my friends, that is what it is going to take to add 70 more people to our church. John is a great preacher. But great preaching will not do it. We could have Spurgeon or Billy Graham in their prime, and their preaching would not add 70 people to our church! I was preaching in my prime when John Cagan got saved. But it was not my prime preaching that saved John Cagan. It was the care and love of Matsusaka and Sanders that saved him! And it’s still the same today! To win a soul like John Cagan you have to have the love and concern – and time – that Matsusaka and Sanders took to get John Cagan. If you don’t then you will not get people saved! Even if you were a silver-tongued orator and a better speaker than William Jennings Bryan, you would not get anyone saved unless you spent the time and effort that Matsusaka and Sanders spent on John Cagan! And our business is not just to love lost church kids! Jesus didn’t say, “Go into the Sunday School or the youth class and compel them to come in.” He said, “Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in.” If we spend all our time on dead church kids the church will not grow. We don’t need intuition! We need perspiration! We don’t need special talent, we need the love of God!

That is my challenge to you! “Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in” (Luke 14:23). And when they do come in – for God’s sake get to know and love them. And text them! Text them until the cell phone melts in your hands! And love them in. John Cagan said to me, “Mr. Matsusaka loved me, and won my soul.” It took him months to do that! Is there anyone here who could say that about you? If not, make that your goal. Remember, C. T. Studd was right.

Only one life,
   ‘Twill soon be past,
Only what’s done for Christ
   Will last.
(C. T. Studd, 1860-1931).

God bless you all as you work to bring in 70 young people, and love them and know them until they are strong in the Lord. Amen!

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