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by Dr. R. L. Hymers, Jr.

A sermon preached at the Baptist Tabernacle of Los Angeles
Lord’s Day Evening, May 14, 2017

I speak tonight to mothers. I speak to every mother in this church. I speak also to mothers throughout the world. Wherever you are watching – on the Internet, or on YouTube, or by reading the manuscript – I speak to you. This is your special day in America. This is Mother’s Day. This is a special day, a very special day, because you are a special person. You are a mother to some young person tonight. And to that person you are special. And because you are special to them, you are special to us also. For no man is an island unto himself. We are all part of the whole. And because we are connected to the whole, you are our mother, as well as theirs.

But to some young person you, and only you, are unique. You gave birth to them. More than that, you nourished them with your own blood, and protected them in your own womb, and nursed them from your own breasts. That makes you a very special mother to your child! I know because my own mother was utterly exceptional and uniquely important in my own early life. It is hard for me to realize that she died twenty years ago. When I walk into her room, it seems as though she just left it, and will soon return, for she still dwells in my memory and in my thoughts. She was my most important teacher, and I could say without hesitation that I agree wholeheartedly with Winston Churchill, when that great man said, “My greatest teacher was my mother.” And I know that every young person here tonight could say the same thing Mr. Churchill said. Young man, young woman – it’s true, isn’t it? Your mother can be your greatest teacher too!

She molded and shaped your thoughts in many ways. She taught you to be kind and good. She taught you to be honest and fair. She taught you life lessons you will remember as almost part of your inherent nature, so closely entwined is her heart with yours that she will live within your soul forever. As long as the Great Pyramid stands – your mother’s love will stand as well. As long as the sun shines through your window, her care and thoughtfulness will warm the innermost recesses of your heart. And it is to your heart, more than to your brain, that Mother comes to you in your dreams. Long before Dr. Martin Luther King said it, my mother taught me not to judge a man or woman by the color of their skin – but by the content of their character! Mother stamped that on my heart. In olden time cowboys branded cattle with a red-hot branding iron. Likewise, my mother’s love, like a laser beam of liquid fire, branded that great truth on the sinews of my soul. And it was Mother who pressed the branding iron of morality on the cockles of my heart and the ridges of my brain. And that is why we have thirty distinct ethnic groups in our church.

Mother’s favorite hero was Abraham Lincoln. She talked about him like he was a member of our family. In my last conversation with her before she died, Mother spoke of Lincoln. Tears came into my eyes because I knew I was probably hearing this lesson for the last time. Speaking more on Lincoln Mother said, “He was a wonderful man, Robert. He freed the slaves!” I know they mock him in your school today. Don’t worry. Just remember that the old dope-smoking Hippies mock everybody. Don’t they? I’d like to see one of them do half of what Lincoln did! When one of your professors in college mocks Lincoln, stand up and wipe the spit off of his face! Tell that dirty professor, “I’d like to see you do half as good as Lincoln!” But be prepared for him to lower your grade! Sometimes it is good to do that anyway.

Mother taught me not to be afraid – to ask forgiveness when I am bad. But don’t forget to stand up and speak out against what is wrong. Someone who knows me well might say, “Why, you have just described yourself!” Yes! My mother was my greatest teacher. But my mother didn’t become a Christian until she was 80 years old. After she trusted Christ, she said, “Oh, Robert, I should have done this long ago!”

In this time, when American Christianity is sliding toward liberalism, we need mothers who make a difference in their Christian lives. But that would require a Christian mother, not an old marijuana smoking Hippie! That would require a Christian mother, not a loose woman that runs after men at night! That would require a soft spoken mother, not a vodka drinking old cigarette smoking dog!

All those attributes are displayed in the mothers of Israel when Jesus walked its streets. They were good women, but they were not Christians. They had worldly wisdom. They had worldly morality. They had prayers and fasting. They had everything but Jesus! They were forcing themselves to be good, normal women. But inside their heart they were as wicked and ungodly as the angels of Satan. They could not change themselves. The harder they tried, the more impossible it seemed.

Then Jesus came and stood among them. And Jesus asked them, “What think ye of Christ? whose son is he?” (Matthew 22:42). They couldn’t answer Him. Could you answer Him? “What do you think of Christ? Whose son is he?” (Matthew 22:42). Jesus is the one your mother needs to know. The women Jesus was speaking to were the best people in the world – in the whole world. They believed the Bible. They believed in God. They lived good, clean lives. They had good families. There was just one thing missing – they did not know Jesus, and He is the answer they needed!

Jesus is the answer for the world today,
   Above Him there’s no other,
Jesus is the way.

One more time!

Jesus is the answer for the world today,
   Above Him there’s no other,
Jesus is the way.

I had an uncle named Robert Porter Elliott. He was in the Army during World War II and the Korean War. He was a rough old G.I. I loved the GI generation, I really did! But Porter scared me. He would sit down after dinner and read a paperback book, and smoke one cigarette after the other. I thought he was mean and scary.

Then one Sunday, my mother brought Uncle Porter and his wife to church. After a few weeks his wife kept him home. A week later I was shocked to see him again. He came through the door of the church all by himself. Then he came every Sunday. His wife tried to stop him. He said, “For years, I have done everything for you. Now, this is for me! I want this!” He asked me for books. I brought him boxes of books to loan to him. He read them all, like a dehydrated man in the Sahara Desert, he drank in those Christian books by the armload. You kids today don’t read books. You pool your ignorance on YouTube or the Internet. But the old GI’s read books, and got smart, and he got Jesus, and got a happy face – for the first time in his life! I baptized Uncle Porter that summer in the ocean, near the Santa Monica Pier. He was as happy as a little boy. For the first time since I knew him he was a contented man.

You know people don’t have contentment in their hearts if they don’t know Jesus. I look forward to seeing Uncle Porter in Heaven one day soon. Don’t you? I’ve talked about him before. Don’t you want to meet him? You better trust Jesus so you can go to Heaven with me – and meet Abraham Lincoln, Porter Elliott – and best of all – Jesus Himself. When you trust Jesus in a new way, He pardons all your sins and washes them away by the Blood He shed on the Cross to save you! Amen. Sing it with me.

Jesus is the answer for the world today,
   Above Him there’s no other,
Jesus is the way.

Sing it again. Amen.

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