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by Mr. John Samuel Cagan

In times of crisis, history is made by those who believe in something greater than themselves. History is not made by the average man. There are some who would desire the safety and stability of mediocrity. There are those who fear failure so much that they would never try. There are those who will never achieve anything great because they will not pay the price of much enduring. There are those who will not change anything, who will not impact the world, and who will die as if they had never lived. In a time filled with men such as this, God has raised up Dr. Hymers.

Most men who decide to go into the ministry are supported in almost every way. Yet, Dr. Hymers, paid his own way through college by working during the day and going to school at night. Despite often being discouraged from the ministry by family and friends alike, he set as his goal the dream of being a minister of God, and would not depart from it no matter the greatness of the difficulty. He withstood the struggle to become a preacher of God despite demonic attacks and emotional pain. Dr. Hymers endured every trial and tribulation for the purpose of telling God’s truth. Because he endured the fires of life, Dr. Hymers was set ablaze for the truth.

Dr. Hymers believes so strongly in the truth of God’s Word that he is willing to fight for it. He is not a man who would be content to accept a lie because it is comfortable. This has been the case throughout his life. He did not sit back and do nothing while the Bible was slandered at his Bible-rejecting seminary. At the risk of his enrollment and graduation, Dr. Hymers fought against the liberal attacks on the Bible. He closed classrooms, wrote articles in the school newspaper, held prayer meetings in his dormitory; he used every resource at his disposal to fight against the lies that would besiege the truth of the Bible. When he was called to the Office of the President of his seminary to be instructed to stop his protests in defense of the Bible, Dr. Hymers did not yield. Instead, he wrote a book against the liberalism in the seminaries. He stood tall and strong in the Battle for the Bible.

Some have criticized, others have complained, and still others have surrendered, but Dr. Hymers is a man of action. So strong are his convictions to the truth and to God that he would draw his sword and charge the forces of evil even if death was certain. Dr. Hymers does not love life so much as to purchase it at the price of chains. He is a man of war when others would buy peace at the cost of slavery.

When Hollywood spit on the face of Christ, Dr. Hymers moved to wipe the face of His Saviour. For this, he was attacked. Even when articles were written against him in newspapers, he defended Christ! For this he lost friends. Yet, the duty to do what was right constrained Dr. Hymers to action, to protest, to fight.

When all of society seemed to allow a woman’s “right to an abortion,” Dr. Hymers refused to let a child be murdered without a battle. The average man would empathize and donate to a charity at best, but Dr. Hymers is not an average man. He and my father sat down in front of an abortion clinic. When others left at the threats of policemen on horseback with clubs and badges, Dr. Hymers remained fastened to his beliefs. He would not be uprooted from what he knew was the last line between a child’s life and a woman’s right. He led his church in an all-out effort to close down two abortion clinics. He stood tall and strong in the battle against abortion.

And then there was the battle for our church. A “former leader” of our church left. In his wake, 400 members left our church. Our church almost lost this building. The church almost went bankrupt. A famous preacher offered Dr. Hymers an escape, to become a pastor of a large suburban church. He offered Dr. Hymers a chance to jump off what appeared to be a sinking ship! He said, “This is your last chance to get out.” Many pastors would have left. But with members leaving and the church in financial peril – Dr. Hymers stayed! Dr. Hymers was willing to fight for this local church. Because of his spiritual courage and the faithful people who gave their time and money, we still have a church in the civic center of Los Angeles! He stayed and faced off the impossibility of the challenge with the resolve and courage like Winston Churchill faced off Hitler in the war for Western Civilization.

Dr. Hymers is convinced of the importance of the local church. Dr. Hymers has often said that the success of this church is his whole life. He has a deep love, not only for this church, but for churches all over the world. The power of the church is his passion. His very identity is linked with the life of the church. He has a single mindedness for the cause of Christ and the church that is among that of superstar athletes, political juggernauts, and conquerors. He knows that the church is the bride of Christ, and therefore he prays, fights, and preaches for the good of the church.

Though disapproved of and doubted by some, many Protestant leaders who have remained true to God have admired and supported Dr. Hymers. Among them is the nationally renowned evangelist and long-time editor of “The Biblical Evangelist,” Dr. Robert L. Sumner. Having been surrounded by the foremost Christian figures of the 20th century, Dr. Sumner knew something about real men of God. Dr. Sumner wrote concerning Dr. Hymers,

“Dr. Hymers deliberately, intentionally set out to establish a gospel-preaching, evangelistic, Bible-teaching church in the very heart of wicked downtown Los Angeles. If for nothing else, I commend him for that and for not joining other evangelical ministries in fleeing to the suburbs…I appreciate and admire a man who is willing to take a stand for Truth according to his convictions and then stand by them, even when all the odds are against him. Robert Leslie Hymers is that kind of a Christian servant of Christ! In addition to the local ministry in the heart of one of America’s most wicked cities, he has also maintained an international ministry- even on the local level, his services are translated ‘live’ into both Spanish and Chinese.”

Having been an evangelist for many decades, Dr. Sumner recognized the great attributes of strength that characterize the life and ministry of Dr. Hymers!

Dr. Hymers is a man of vision. He believes that even in difficult times when all other hope fails, God can accomplish great things. He envisioned a website that would provide sermon manuscripts and other sermon material to pastors and missionaries all around the world. This type of endeavor had been previously not been attempted and was unheard of. However, in an effort to make a difference in countries all around the world, he even changed his style of sermon preparation in order to facilitate this grand task.

For the majority of his ministry, Dr. Hymers had preached from an outline. Yet, he wanted his sermons to be available to Christians in other countries who otherwise did not have access to Bibles and other sermon materials. Therefore he decided to begin writing out his sermons word for word and preach from a manuscript. Most preachers would not change their preparation after having been in the ministry for such a great length of time, but Dr. Hymers is a man of vision. Years later, the sermon manuscripts of Dr. Hymers are read in nearly every country in the world and his website had more than a million and a half people visit it in 2016 alone.

Always being the type of pastor that was concerned with people from every background, Dr. Hymers began the specific work of having his sermons translated into other languages. At first, the sermon manuscripts were translated into only a few languages. However, Dr. Hymers continued with his vision to reach the whole world regardless of language barrier.

Today, the sermon manuscripts of Dr. Hymers are translated into 35 languages! These sermons are a blessing and a help to missionaries and pastors in the third world. They have been used as a means of grace to awake and convict souls of their need for Jesus, and some have even been converted upon reading the sermons. Having the sermons translated into 35 languages took vision and dedication, but it has been used by God to make a powerful impact on the Christian world.

No matter the intensity of the fight, Dr. Hymers has strived to be the man in the arena for God. He has preached the Gospel of Christ even when so many others have forgotten it. He has preached in the old-fashioned style of passionate and fiery preaching when all others have abandoned it. He believes in real conversion by the grace and power of God through faith in Jesus Christ and will not let any who would listen be in danger of Hell by settling for anything less.

In a time when prayer is a mere formality, Dr. Hymers believes in the power of God in answered prayer. In a time when others chase the hope of a larger offering by stealing members from other churches, Dr. Hymers believes in evangelizing young people from the world. When others are closing service after service, Dr. Hymers believes in the importance and vitality of the church. When so many others are contented to feed off the carcass of a body that has long since lost its life and power, Dr. Hymers believes in and fights for living Christianity.

In a moment Dr. Hymers will come to preach. But first Mr. Griffith will come to sing one of Dr. Hymers’ favorite hymns, “Onward, Christian Soldiers.”

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