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December 31, 2019

Dear Members and Friends of the Baptist Tabernacle:

As the pastor of this church, I have written the following statement to answer the attack of Dr. Kreighton L. Chan against Dr. Hymers, the Pastor Emeritus of our church. I would not make this public if he had not attacked Dr. Hymers openly on the Internet. I have already emailed this to those of you who have emails, and to many others outside our church. Copies of this message will be given to everyone who attends tonight. Here is what I wrote:

Dear Dr. Chan:

I have worked closely with Dr. Hymers for over 42 years. I have never once heard him say that everyone who left the church is lost. I have never heard him say that in the pulpit nor in private conversation.

You say that our church is borderline cultic. Why is it that you never brought that up, even one time, in the many meetings you attended as the senior deacon of our church? You did not mention that even once in my hearing in 42 years. And it isn't even true, not at all. I'm a graduate of Talbot Theological Seminary. I also have a second Ph.D. from the Claremont Graduate School, where I studied deeply into these matters, of which you have only a surface knowledge. Nothing about a cult exists, nor ever existed in our church. Never!

In 2017 you made a voluntary confession in our church which was heard by me and many other people. You said with tears that you had rebelled against Dr. Hymers and you would not do that again. Was this a false confession, or were you lying then?

Dr. Hymers has never abused or lorded it over the people in our church. I know him better than you do.

You say Dr. Hymers is only an evangelist, but if that is true, how is it that he has written books on many subjects and spoken on many subjects in our church other than evangelism? By the way, Dr. Chan, who taught you all the things that you know and do? Where did you learn to prepare a sermon? Where did you learn what little you know about a Baptist church? It seems to me that all the things you know about Protestantism came from Dr. Hymers, and none of them came from the Catholic Church where you were a member prior to coming here.

You have said that your father beat you when you were a child. How much of your rebellion against Dr. Hymers is reflected in your psychological background? Yes, Dr. Hymers is tough, but he had to be tough to pastor the only independent fundamental Baptist church in the inner city of Los Angeles for 44 years. Let's see if you can last for 44 years and still be here preaching. Let's see if you can last five years. I am quite certain that you will not last ten. Remember, I know you very well and have for over 40 years. I have no respect for you. You threw all these things at Dr. Hymers without ever talking to him privately as advocated in the Scriptures.

In my judgment, you are not a real preacher and are not called to the ministry. That is why you had to steal people from Dr. Hymers' church, because you couldn't convert them from the world.

It seems to me that you had to wait till Dr. Hymers was sick with cancer and crippled with arthritis in his knees before you dared to attack him, and even then you had to get John Waldrip to back you up, although he is an extreme hyper-Calvinist. The Bible says, "We shall all appear before the judgment seat of Christ." I pity you, and will pity you even more in that day. I am praying for your repentance.

Christopher L. Cagan,
Ph.D., M.Div., Ph.D.
Pastor of the Baptist Tabernacle of Los Angeles