An editorial in
The Los Angeles Daily News, December 24, 2004, p. 14

It used to be that Santas and reindeer were considered innocuous, while creche scenes were taboo. But the boundaries have constricted, and now even "Merry Christmas" is, in some circles, politically incorrect.

Bah, humbug!

Lost in this well-intentioned, albeit misguided debate about sensitivity in a diverse society is that in a truly diverse society, we need not be so sensitive at all. We don't disguise our differences; we celebrate them, sharing in each other's traditions, holidays, observances and faiths.

Is Christmas offensive? No more than Cinco de Mayo, Hanukkah, St. Patrick's Day or Chinese New Year - celebrations of special importance to specific communities, but which have also have become part of the greater American culture that unites us all.

For Christians, Christmas is a solemn holiday celebrating the birth of Christ. For believers of other religions and also nonbelievers, it's still a time to embrace the values of family, peace, generosity and love.

A tolerant society welcomes peaceful expressions of faith and culture. And so in the spirit of the season that warms our hearts, Merry Christmas to all.