September 28, 2004

CBS News anchorman Dan Rather says "he respects both President Bush and his father and has no ideological ax to grind. He has long denied that either he or CBS lean left" ( USA Today, September 27, 2004, p. 3D). But the label has managed to stick all these years because "there is some reason for it," says New Yorker writer Peter Boyle (ibid.).

Cartoonist Bruce Tinsley, in an upcoming "Mallard Fillmore" comic strip, has Dan Rather saying,

Good eveningThis is Dan RatherI'd like to clear the air, and say the memos are, indeed, fakemade by evil Bush operatives, to make me look bad! They're Satanic, you know, just like Nixon! Who is, by the way, still alive, just like Elvis! Bet you didn't know thatnot many people do, but I've got a memo here (ibid.).

Most evangelicals, Republicans, and gun owners figured out long ago that Dan Rather was not on their side. I think that's the reason they have switched to Fox News by the millions. O'Reilly's coverage of the Republican Convention, for instance, scooped the combined coverage of ABC, NBC, and CBS, even though it was only on cable. People are voting for Fox News with their remote control.


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