by Dr. R. L. Hymers, Jr.
October 13, 2002

The liberal news media is backing the anti-war protests to the hilt. Their flagrant bias is illustrated by this headline:

"Anti-War Protestors Take to the Streets Across U.S."

  (Los Angeles Daily News, October 7, 2002, p. 1).

This headline makes it appear that

(1) These demonstrations were spontaneous - "Protestors Take to the Streets" - they couldn't contain themselves any longer!

(2) These demonstrations were nation-wide - "Across U.S."

Of course, neither assertion is true.

First, the demonstrations were hardly spontaneous. People did not "take to the streets." A close reading of the article shows that the protests were carefully orchestrated by a left-wing group.

The demonstrations wereorganized by the "Not in Our Name Project," a group opposing a range of Bush administration actions (Daily News, ibid.).

Instead of people "taking to the streets," these demonstrations were a clever series of events staged by a liberal group attacking the President - right before the elections, I might add. The "Not in Our Name Project" is a well-known liberal organization. Few if any protests would have happened if this organization hadn't organized them. I knew the demonstrations had been orchestrated when I looked at the news photo. There were essentially only five signs in the photograph, held up in various places by the demonstrators. These five signs were printed perfectly and passed out to the people. To a discerning person, the news photo with those neatly printed signs, showed that these demonstrations were far from spontaneous. They were merely media events, staged by a left wing group.

Second, these were not "nation-wide" demonstrations at all, even though they were billed as taking place "across U.S." (ibid.). A discerning person will notice that they actually took place in only five cities: Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Portland, and Los Angeles. I read articles in both the L.A. Times and the Daily News and both papers named only those five cities. This means that the leftist group, "Not in Our Name Project," only organized these events in five cities - San Francisco, Portland, New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles (Hippie strongholds, I might add).

It seems to me that a thoughtful person would realize that there were no demonstrations in Washington, D.C., Boston, Sacramento, Miami, Dallas-Fort Worth, Detroit, Milwaukee, San Diego, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Atlanta, Indianapolis, or any other major city. The only place demonstrations took place were in those five cities, where a few hundred people were handed identically printed signs and told exactly what to chant by the organizers.

Sorry folks, but I am too old and media-wise for you to fool. These demonstrations were nothing more than carefully planned events, put on by liberal operatives attempting to drain off votes in November.