by Dr. R. L. Hymers, Jr.
September 29, 2002

They're doing it again. Our newspapers either don't report it at all, or they shove it way back to page 12. That's where I found this article. It wasn't in the Los Angeles Times at all. That's our big paper. The smaller, more conservative Daily News had the story, but it was printed on the obituary page, wedged between a free coupon ad and a column about some letters written by Prince Charles. It should have been on the front page, and would have been if anti-Christian forces didn't control the news.

Just a few comments need to be added before you read the article. First, these Christians were murdered because one of them campaigned against a "controversial blasphemy" law. You must understand that this means it's against the law to question whether Mohammed was God's final prophet. Simply desiring that freedom of speech brought about the murder of these people.

The second thing to remember is that this sort of thing is happening to Christians on a daily basis throughout the world, not only in Pakistan, but also in Sudan, Indonesia, and anywhere else the Muslim religion has control.

The news people don't want us to think about it. That's why they feature very few stories about the persecution of Christians. They are probably glad, on a semi-conscious level, to have the Muslims doing their work for them - getting rid of Christians!

And that brings me to the last point: the story called this Muslim massacre of Christians an "execution." What would the media have called it if a group of born again Christians gagged seven Muslims, tied them in chairs, and then shot them in the head? You got it - "murder"! It's an "execution" if Muslims kill Christians. It would be "murder" if Christians ever did the same thing to Muslims. They would call it a "hate crime," and feature it on the front cover of Time. It's a misdemeanor when they do it to us. It would be worse than a felony if we did it to them!

Here's the story. You'll never read it on any front page. I only happened to see it because I read the obituary column.

Christian aid workers executed in Pakistan
Associated Press

KARACHI, Pakistan - Seven Pakistani Christian charity workers were gagged, tied to chairs and executed with single shots to the head Wednesday morning in a carefully planned attack in a high-rise office building near the heart of Karachi, police said.

The gunmen, described by one witness as two clean-shaven men wearing Western clothes, left behind eight shell casings in the offices of the nonprofit "Institute for Peace and Justice," one for each employee they shot in the head. An eighth worker in the church group's office survived a bullet wound to the brain, but was likely to be paralyzed.

"Highly sophisticated and very well-trained people have done this," a senior police official in Karachi said Wednesday night. "They want to malign Pakistan."

The attack ended a month-long lull in strikes against Western targets in the country and undermined government claims that a recent series of arrests in Karachi had broken the back of militant organizations here. Karachi has been the site of four attacks against Western targets this year, two failed plots to assassinate Gen. Pervez Musharraf, the president of Pakistan, and the capture of a senior al-Qaida operative two weeks ago.

Police said they did not know which group was behind the attacks, but suspected local militants. A Pakistani intelligence official said Wednesday night that a member of the charity group had campaigned against the country's controversial blasphemy laws.

(Los Angeles Daily News, September 26, 2002, p. 12)