by Dr. R. L. Hymers, Jr.

July 25, 2010

I watch Glenn Beck on Fox News almost every night. I think he is the greatest communicator on television. What a speaker! And I agree with his political analysis on nearly all points. But there is one thing that deeply disturbs me about Mr. Beck. He is a convert to Mormonism.

Now I personally know at least one Baptist pastor who thinks Mr. Beck is a Christian, and I have heard of other pastors who also overlook his Mormonism. Because he constantly talks about God and Jesus, and even quotes the Bible, they think he doesn’t really understand Mormonism. They think he’s a “born again” Mormon, and that he somehow doesn’t really believe the teachings of the Mormon church. But I say that Mr. Beck fully understands and completely agrees with Mormonism.

I got the background on Glenn Beck from a 71-year-old Mormon who has spent his entire life in Mormonism and is a graduate of Brigham Young University. Here is what he said about Glenn Beck.

1.  Mr. Beck was a Catholic who became an alcoholic. He went through the Alcoholics Anonymous program, and then decided he wanted to join another religion.

2.  He then took his family to several churches. As they were leaving a Mormon service his daughter said, “I feel good here. Let’s go back.”

3.  He and his family did go back, and Mr. Beck read the Book of Mormon.

4.  He experienced the “testimony” of the “spirit” that Mormonism is true (what they call the “burning”) – based on the Book of Moroni, chapter 10, verse 4,

“And when ye shall receive these things [in the Book of Mormon], I would exhort you that ye should ask God, the Eternal Father, in the name of Christ, if these things are not true; and if ye shall ask with a sincere heart, with real intent, having faith in Christ, he will manifest the truth of it unto you, by the power of the Holy Ghost” (Moroni 10:4).

This is what they call the “burning in the bosom” – an experience of warmth in the heart, that they say validates the Book of Mormon. Mr. Beck had the “burning” experience and fully embraced the teachings of the Book of Mormon.

5.  Mr. Beck publicly agreed that Joseph Smith, who “translated” the Book of Mormon, was a prophet sent from God.

6.  Mr. Beck then went through personal studies on Mormonism with Mormon missionaries several times a week for 5 weeks.

7.  Mr. Beck was “baptized” in a Mormon church.

8.  Mr. Beck and his wife were remarried in a Mormon Temple wedding ceremony, after several weeks of instruction from a Mormon priest. Since going through this process, Mr. Beck has worn the undergarments that Mormon priests wear at all times. Mr. Beck wears these priestly undergarments at all times. When you see him on Fox News he is wearing them under his suit. 

Make no mistake about this – Glenn Beck has been thoroughly indoctrinated in Mormon beliefs. Mormons are trained to pass themselves off as Bible-believing Christians, and Mr. Beck does this on television every night. But Glenn Beck knows the difference between being a Mormon and being an orthodox Christian.

Baptists and other evangelicals today are the richest harvest field for Mormonism. About 300 Baptists per week convert to Mormonism in the state of Texas alone, according to recent statistics. This is partly because many Baptist pastors think it is possible to be a Mormon and, at the same time, be a born again Christian, thereby showing that these pastors have a very unscriptural view of the new birth (John 3:3, 7). But let us take a closer look at what Glenn Beck, as a Mormon, believes.

1.  Glenn Beck believes that all other churches are false, and that the Mormon church is the only true church, reestablished “in the last time.” Before Mormonism began, “The Church of Christ was gone, without a shadow of its presence to be seen on earth” (J. K. Van Baalen, The Chaos of Cults, Eerdmans Publishing Company, 1983 edition, p. 221). That’s what Mr. Beck believes in his heart – all churches are false except the Mormon church.

2.  Glenn Beck believes that Jesus “was produced not by a direct act of the Holy Spirit, but by sexual relations between a [flesh and bone] god and Mary – a blasphemous view, which takes its place beside the infamous mythology of Greece, wherein the gods fathered human sons through physical union with certain chosen women” (Walter Martin, Ph.D., The Kingdom of the Cults, Bethany House Publishers, 2003 edition, p. 246).

3.  Glenn Beck believes that Jesus, in His preincarnate form, was the brother of Satan (Martin, ibid., p. 252).

Do I need to go farther? Through double-talk and deceit, Mr. Beck and other Mormons may deny these points – but they actually believe them in their hearts. Therefore, it is clear that the “Jesus” of Mormonism is not the real Jesus of history and Scripture. Jesus predicted that “there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets” (Matthew 24:24). It is clear from the New Testament that the Christ of Mormonism is a “false Christ,” and Joseph Smith, the founder of Mormonism, was a “false prophet.”

We may agree with Glenn Beck’s patriotism, but let us not be tricked into thinking that he believes in the same Jesus we believe in. Mr. Beck’s Christ is “another Jesus,” not the one revealed in the New Testament (II Corinthians 11:4).

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