by Dr. R. L. Hymers, Jr. and Dr. John S. Waldrip

Reviewed by Dr. James O. Combs,
Provost of Louisiana Baptist Theological Seminary.
Baptist Bible Tribune
March 15, 2003, pages 32 and 37

Believing that we "wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places," two distinguished pastors who are scholars have authored a strong Biblical explanation of the tragedy of 9/11.

The first five chapters by Hymers, entitled "The Invasion of Evil Spirits," rightly attribute the motivation and execution of the attack of "evil ones," as President George Bush defined them, to Satan and demon forces at work throughout the world today. They pull no punches.

Extensive documentation and hundreds of quotations support their views, citing the Bible, the Koran, historians and contemporary writers.

In fact, the first quotation, before the introduction begins, is from Philip Schaff (1819-1893), a renowned Biblical scholar, writer, historian and educator. His statement is a quotation from Mohammad:

"Among his last utterances were: 'The Lord destroy the Jews and Christians! Let his anger be kindled against thoseLet there not remain any faith but that of Islam.'"

The 19 Muslim terrorists who perpetrated the attacks on the New York World Trade Center towers, the Pentagon and the flight toward Washington (bound for either the Capitol or the White House) were the frontline in a religious war against Western civilization.

Hymers discusses the quick comments of Jerry Falwell and the strong statement of former SBC president Jerry Vines, supporting their candid observations.

He continues to present a Biblical case of attributing religious terrorism to demonic influence and devil-possession. Basing his conclusion on such famous Christian theologians as Henry C. Thiessen, John Nevius, Augustus H. Strong and Merrill F. Unger, the writer also deals with the demonic influences in American society.

Such evils as spiritism (calling up ghosts, really demons in many cases if not mere tricks and deceptions), glorification of Halloween and witches and monsters, plus widespread use of hallucinogenic drugs, which open the mind to demon influence, along with widespread sexual immorality have blighted our once more moral and Biblically based culture.

Summarizing the situation, Hymers concludes, "We have already opened the door through the occult for our nation to be strangled by Satan and his demons, even without the Muslims as our enemies." How true!

Humanism, libertinism, materialism, immoral entertainment have free course in American society, and "haters of God" (Romans 1:30) through misinterpretation of "the separation of church and state" have declared their own war against God, morality and religion in the public square, the classroom and the campus.

Concluding his half of the book, the courageous California fighter for the faith summarizes:

The Muslim terrorists are attacking us. The course of their fury is Satan and his demons. We have lost the protection of God by turning to sin. For America to survive we must have a mighty revival of true, life-changing Christianity. An old song has these words in it:

"Lord, send a revival, Lord, send a revival,
Lord, send a revival and let it begin in me."

The second half of the book by Waldrip compares Mohammad and Christ, describes the rapid growth of Islam in the 7th and 8th centuries through conversion by the sword (become a Muslim or die), the Islamist suppression of women, the denial of Christ's deity and crucifixion, and personal salvation through Him.

Included in his section is a contrast between the God of the Bible and the Muslim's Allah, proofs of the strong streak of violence in the history of Islam's spread, unto this very day, and a challenge to accept Christ truly for salvation.

"Dr. Hymers believes in the classical Baptist confessions of faith over the last several centuries concerning the primacy of the local church. He takes a firm stand against looseness in church attendance, and believes firmly in the local church as the Biblical center for evangelism and fellowship."  (This statement was added to this review by Dr. Combs on March 25, 2003).

You can order Demons in the Smoke of the World Trade Center by sending $15.95, and requesting it by name, to Dr. R. L. Hymers, Jr., at P.O. Box 15308, Los Angeles, CA 90015.