by Dr. R. L. Hymers, Jr.

April 16, 2014

Back in 1988 I was sitting in my living room reading the Los Angeles Times. One of the articles caught my eye. Hollywood was going to release a movie called “The Last Temptation of Christ.” The article also revealed that the movie would portray Jesus thinking sexual thoughts as He hung on the Cross - and other blasphemies. At first I thought, “Well, what do you expect from Hollywood? Let it go.” But I couldn’t forget about it. I kept thinking that the film was going to attack my Lord and Saviour. Before I got up from reading that article I knew I was going to do everything in my power to discredit this film and defend the Saviour. So the members of our church and I held several demonstrations against that film. I am not going into detail here, but as a result of our demonstrations I was labeled an “anti-Semite,” attacking the Jewish people. During the first demonstration, Irv Rubin, the leader of the Jewish Defense League, ran out in front of the many news cameras that were present and spit directly in my face. Then someone began to chant, “Bankrolled by Jewish money.” Standing there with spit running down my face, I made a terrible blunder and repeated the chant.   I now believe that the JDL themselves may have started this chant to make it sound like we were instigating it, and thus to discredit us. I had never heard these words prior to the demonstration, and none of our people knew who started it.  But that chant became the “sound bite” which was shown on television internationally, on virtually every news program.  I was clobbered as a maniac and a hatemonger against the Jewish people on program after program, in the newspapers, Newsweek, Time Magazine, and even TV Guide! In spite of all this I admired Irv Rubin.  He was a man of conviction and high ideals. But he was wrong for thinking I was anti-Semitic.   

I was horrified by this label! Nothing could have been further from the truth! As a conservative “Dispensationalist,” I had always believed that God has a special covenant with Israel, and with the Jewish people! The associate pastor of our church, Dr. Cagan, is from a Jewish background. He has been with me for thirty-seven years. He would never support me if I were anti-Semitic.  Our wedding ceremony was conducted by a Jewish man.  And across the years I have spoken out repeatedly against the horrors of Hitler’s “Holocaust” and anti-Semitism in general. I felt that the only way for me to explain my position was to apologize to the Jewish people I had offended by my blunder in repeating the chant. This I did in several large synagogues in the Los Angeles area, and in several news venues. My apology was printed in the Jerusalem Post in Israel.  

The entire event left me drained emotionally, and sick at heart. Some of my friends wondered how I survived the vicious attacks that were hurled at me. I vowed never again to launch such a protest, unless it was absolutely necessary. For nearly thirty years I have kept that promise.

Many of those who attacked me said, “You haven’t seen that movie, so how could you be so critical of it?” It is true that I never saw “The Last Temptation of Christ.” I still haven’t seen it, and I have no intention of ever seeing it. I did read the script of the film, however.

So, now, Hollywood has put out a film on “Noah.” I saw it the other night, although I almost never go to a Hollywood movie now. I can only say that the film is Satanic. Dr. R. Albert Mohler, Jr., president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky, said this on his website recently,

Believing that evangelical concerns about Noah were almost surely overblown, I went to see the movie. I was wrong. The concerns are not overblown… (

I agree with Dr. Mohler.  I also agree with the Baptist Press news release titled “Nye Debate, ‘Noah’ Film Fuel Ark Project,” by Diana Chandler (March 7, 2014). I am repeating here the entire news release from Baptist Press, which gives an accurate evaluation of the movie. I am therefore giving it without comment, other than saying that the film so distorts the Biblical account of Noah and the Flood that I do not think any Christian should promote it by seeing it or encouraging others to see it. I believe that this film is Satanic. So, without saying more, here is the complete Baptist Press article.  


By Diana Chandler
Mar 7, 2014

PETERSBURG, Ky. (BP) -- A successful bond offering allowing construction to begin in May on a full-scale replica of Noah's ark can be tied to publicity generated by a creationism debate with Bill Nye “The Science Guy” and by Paramount's film “Noah,” Answers in Genesis CEO Ken Ham said.

Ham's defense of creationism against Nye's evolution arguments was viewed by 7 million people in a Feb. 4 live stream, according to the biblical apologetics ministry Answers in Genesis (AiG). Three weeks later, Ham announced enough money had been raised to fund the $73 million first phase of the Ark Encounter educational park, which includes a 510-foot ark.

He credited God for bringing the project to fruition.

“The date of my debate with Bill Nye had been on our calendar several months before we knew the final delivery date of the Ark bonds,” Ham said in a press release. “But in God's timing, not ours -- and although the bond registration had already closed before Feb. 4 and no more bonds could be purchased -- the high-profile debate prompted some people who had registered for the bonds to make sure they followed through with submitting the necessary, and sometimes complicated, paperwork.”

The raising of several million dollars in donations and ark memberships prior to the bond paid for the purchase and clearing of land, architectural plans, exhibit designs and other costs, AiG reported.

The first phase of the Ark Encounter will include installation of the park infrastructure on 800 acres off I-75 in Grant County, Ky., south of Cincinnati, and the construction of the ark. The ark is slated to open in 2016, Ham said.

Ham continues to caution people about watching Paramount's upcoming Noah. He described it as not only biblically inaccurate, as Paramount has admitted, but outright “anti-biblical.”

The official website for the film Noah prominently displays the message that the movie takes artistic license, and that the biblical story can be found in the book of Genesis. That's not enough to redeem the film's inaccuracies, Ham said.

While films based on Bible stories have often strayed from Scripture, Paramount's Noah, Ham said, goes beyond artistic enhancement of Scripture.

“The Noah movie is an attack on the Bible,” Ham told Baptist Press. “It's not just unbiblical, it's anti-biblical, because the environmentalism is over the top. Noah is more interested in animals than he is in humans (in the movie).

“The Bible portrays Noah as a man of great reverence...and he's a preacher of righteousness, whereas the movie has Noah a very angry man who even wants to kill his grandchild because when his daughter-in-law gets pregnant, he wants to stop the propagation of the human race. I mean, it goes on and on; there are a lot of things like that in it.”

The Ark Encounter will help people understand the biblical account of Noah's ark, which is crucial to the Gospel, Ham said.

“I believe the ark is the greatest reminder of the Gospel,” he said. “As Noah and his family had to go through a door to be saved, we need to go through a door to be saved. So it's a reminder of Jesus. He said, ‘I am the door.’

“We want to build the ark with that emphasis, to lead people to the door, to go through. Whereas the Noah movie is being produced by Hollywood for entertainment.”

The Paramount production will potentially lead astray youth and Christians of all ages, Ham said.

“Unfortunately I think a lot of young people...they're not going to read their Bibles these days. They're not going to check it out,” he said. “And then many Christians don't read their Bibles like they should. So I think even many Christians will probably be led astray by the movie.”

Ham encourages moviegoers to instead see a biblically solid portrayal of the global flood in a movie directed by Ray Comfort, “Noah – and the Last Days,” available for Internet download ahead of its March 28 release on YouTube and DVD.

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