by Dr. R. L. Hymers, Jr.
March 19, 2003

Jimmy Carter There you go again!  Who can forget Reagan saying that in the 1980 presidential debate?  But the man cant seem to shut up.  Here is his latest word of wisdom:  American stature will surely decline further if we launch a war in clear defiance of the United Nations (Los Angeles Daily News, March 16, 2003, Viewpoint, p. 3). 

Does Carter really expect us to forget how low American stature was during his administration?  Weakness has never bolstered our stature, and never will. 

Although my feelings about this war have been ambivalent, I must admit that Carters statement made me reconsider.  It seems to me that America should have gotten out of the United Nations long ago.  Why should we be listening to France or Germany or Russia?  Germany was our mortal enemy in my lifetime.  France caved in to Hitler, and Russia sided with him until he attacked them.  Only Britain stood with us then.  So, what else is new? 

No, Mr.  Carter, weakness will not boost our stature.  We had better not listen to you.  If we care about the future of Western civilization, we had better line up behind Mr. Bush and Mr. Blair. 

In the 1930s men like Carter thought they could appease Hitler, but they were wrong, and Churchill was right.  We cannot appeal to the better nature of a terrorist, simply because he doesnt have one.  Terrorists understand nothing but force.