by Dr. R. L. Hymers, Jr.
March 9, 2003

The liberals can't figure out why Bill O'Reilly's Fox News program blows away CNN, CBS, NBC, and every other news program. The answer is simple - O'Reilly's popularity on TV, and Rush Limbaugh's huge radio audience, show that millions of Americans got sick of being spoon-fed liberally biased pablum by snarly mouthed humanists like Rather, Jennings, and Brokaw. Don't put Brokaw in that mix? Sure we do. Last week he did a jaw-shattering hit piece on former Southern Baptist president Jerry Vines. He might seem to have less snarl - but he still bites us whenever he can.

Baptists and other evangelicals have been thrown to the lions on the nightly news for at least the past decade. If Muslims or Hindus, or any other religious group, were attacked as vigorously as Christians are on the nightly news, the ACLU would have been screaming and suing long ago.

I saw this coming thirty years ago, when Jennings and Rather started their nightly attacks on President Nixon. Sure, they won that battle - but they lost me forever. I simply turned them off and never watched them again. I knew then that most Americans would do the same thing sooner or later - because most of us are conservative at heart. I knew back then that most people would gradually get fed up with being "preached to" by left-wing newsmen every night.

Polls on every subject show that about 34% of the people are liberal and 66% are more or less conservative. Rather and Jennings played to the liberal minority for years, not realizing that it would someday catch up to them. That day has come. And that's why O'Reilly and Hannity, and Limbaugh, are blowing them away. Even the liberal Los Angeles Times knows that:

"Viewers will want to hear whatO'Reilly and Hannity have to say - especially if there is some liberal to be bludgeoned - to keep Fox in the driver's seat" (Los Angeles Times, March 5, 2003, p. E14).