Dear Friend:

Those who read my website know that I am very fond of Pastor Richard Wurmbrand and his wife Sabina.  My wife and I knew them quite well.  They spoke in our church many times.  I can vouch for Pastor Wurmbrand's absolute integrity.  But we have received disturbing news from Pastor Wurmbrand's son Michael concerning "The Voice of the Martyrs," located in Bartlesville, Oklahoma.  I am advising our church not to send any more donations to "The Voice of the Martyrs" until they clear up the questions raised by Michael Wurmbrand.  Michael is a 75-year-old man.  He is very serious and he is concerned about his father's and mother's names being used to raise money that he says is not going to the persecuted peoples of the world, but is rather being misused by "The Voice of the Martyrs."  Please click here to read Michael Wurmbrand's accusation against "The Voice of the Martyrs."  I wish I didn't have to report this to you, but I feel compelled to as a friend of the late Pastor Richard Wurmbrand.  You can contact Michael Wurmbrand after 6:00 PM by phoning him at (310)544-0814. Or you can email him at

Yours in Jesus' Name,

Pastor R. L. Hymers, Jr.
D.Min., Th.D., Litt.D.
Philippians 4:13