by John Lindner

(Dr. Hymers' note: the following article is from the
 February, 2003 edition of Pulpit Helps, p. 11).

February 9, 2003

THREE FORMER GENERALS OF THE FEARED KHMER ROUGE ARE NOW PREACHING CHRIST IN CAMBODIA. Their salvation came about because one whom they once sought to kill desired to bring them eternal life.

"Since 1979 my desire has been to bring one Khmer Rouge at a time to surrender to Jesus," declared Setan Aaron Lee, founder and director of Kampuchea for Christ. "God has honored that desire and granted me the opportunity to win my number one enemy to Jesus Christ in December, 1979, while I was in the Khao I Dang Refugee Camp in Thailand."

Lee said that since that time the Lord has brought former Khmer Rouge across his path until today about half of his ministry team of 70 missionaries are former Khmer Rouge members - including Gen. Tith Voeum, once the top military general in Pol Pot's army. Three other former enemies, Gen. Ang Em, Gen. Chea Visoth, and Chea Sinoeum, also work with the team.

"We believe that God is calling us to bring Jesus to our national enemies, the Khmer Rouge," Setan Aaron Lee told Christian Aid. "When they have Jesus, they will have everything they will ever need."

Lee himself found Christ in a refugee camp in Thailand, after fleeing Cambodia in 1979. He immediately began telling others the Good News. He took refuge in the United States for several years, and then returned to his native land in 1990.

"Last year an unbelievable miracle happened," Lee said. "On December 20, God opened the door for my national director, his deputy director, and me to visit Mr. Khiev Samphan, the former President of the Party of Democratic Kampuchea (the Khmer Rouge), at his home. We shared Christ with him with sincere hearts and emotion for eleven hours. Though Mr. Khiev did not profess Christ, he desired his younger daughter to hear this wonderful news about Jesus Christ."

Lee said another door of opportunity was opened to him and his workers last May. He and the deputy national leader of his mission visited a jungle town in northwestern Cambodia where more than 30,000 Khmer Rouge soldiers were residing.

"This is a very dangerous area," Lee said. "We were able to proclaim the Good News of the Lord Jesus Christ to General Tith Voeum and his family. In just a matter of minutes, the general and his family surrendered to Jesus Christ. The general and his wife joined the Kampuchea for Christ team soon after they trusted in Christ.

"Just last month I was able to visit him again and he now has a house church of more than 100 believers. Who would believe it? A man who was serving the most depraved dictator, Pol Pot, is now serving Jesus Christ, the King of kings and Lord of lords."

"Our Lord Jesus Christ told His disciples to 'Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you.' That is exactly what we are trying to do," Lee said.