by Dr. R. L. Hymers, Jr.
October 6, 2002

At first it seemed strange to me that liberals would defend Saddam Hussein, and protest Bush's plan to stop him. They know as well as I do that he is building nuclear bombs and stockpiling weapons of germ warfare. Why, I wondered, would these liberals back up a dictator who is so obviously a threat to the lives of millions?

No sooner had I asked myself that question than the answer came: that's exactly the reason they are backing him; they want him to kill large numbers of people. You see, the liberals believe that overpopulation is our greatest threat. That's the true reason they want Bush to back off and let Hussein build his weapons of mass destruction. They think there is no hope for the planet unless there is an occasional "killoff" - and Saddam Hussein is just the man to do it! Bush stands in the way.

The desire of liberals to rid the world of its teeming masses lies behind many paradoxes in our time. I think, for instance, that it at least partly explains the reason John F. Kennedy's dad backed Adolf Hitler. Joe Kennedy's fondness for the Nazi dictator was characteristic of the liberalism of his day. They wanted Hitler to "thin out" the human race, and take the pressure off of the population explosion.

Here's another paradox answered by my thesis. In 1950 Churchill was named "Man of the Half Century" by Time magazine, but by 2000 he wasn't considered worthy of being in the top five. Why? Simply because Churchill's supreme life-work was to preserve Western civilization and stop totalitarianism from killing the common man. But by the year 2000 the liberals had become certain that Western civilization not only wasn't worth saving, but in fact stood in the way of their desire to reduce human population. Churchill had become to them a symbol - a man against mass killings. A reactionary figure like this must be discarded, the liberals thought, or others might pick up his ideas - thus allowing the world to be overrun with vast hordes of planet-destroying people.

The latest paradox can be seen in liberals backing Saddam Hussein. This too can be explained by my thesis. The people who back Hussein and are against Bush are the very same people who are behind the abortion holocaust, and for the same reason: they want abortion to "clean out" millions of unwanted human beings, and (possibly on a semi-conscious level) they want Hussein to help them too. They hope he will get his germ gases and nuclear bombs - and use them!

After all, to the liberal mind nothing is more important than reducing the world's population.